About our company

UAB “Veganas” is based in Vilnius. The company began to operate in 2010. UAB “Veganas” specializes in the production and sale of health foods. In particular, the company trades in linseed crackers. The principal group of products is raw, live food rich in vitamins and enzymes. Live food is neither baked nor boiled, which ensures that the nutrients and biologically active substances it contains remain intact. It is produced at a temperature that does not exceed 45C. If you choose our food, your breakfast, lunch or dinner table will feature a variety of fresh, raw products. Linseed crackers. At present, we have introduced 13 types of crackers into the market:

  • Dried Linseed crackers with hemp seeds
  • Dried Linseed crackers with vegetables
  • Dried Linseed crackers with sunflower seeds and cumin
  • Dried Linseed crackers with coconut
  • Dried Linseed crackers with bananas
  • Dried  Linseed crackers with apricots
  • Dried Linseed crackers with almonds
  • Dried Linseed crackers with sesame seeds
  • Dried Linseed crackers with oranges and lemons
  • Dried Linseed crackers with raisins and oranges
  • Dried Linseed crackers with vegetables and chilli
  • Dried Linseed crackers with beetroots and apples
  • Dried Linseed crackers with apples and cinnamon

The employees at UAB “Veganas” are highly qualified, industrious and enthusiastic. Our professional staff will provide you with excellent customer service and advice. Our company’s team is constantly working to improve our methods and implement new projects. We are always prepared to listen and assist our existing and future customers and provide any information they may require. Our company’s mission, vision and objectives: THE MISSION: To promote health foods and enlighten society about the benefits of live, healthy food. To encourage this diet and to increase its popularity within Lithuania and abroad. THE VISION: To manufacture unique products for the health food market, ensure their quality and occupy an ever-growing segment of the market. OBJECTIVES: Our main goal is a satisfied customer. We provide detailed information about our products and guarantee their high quality. Currently we ship only to Lithuania, so all of you outside of Lithuania, please, drop us an email!